Automated Taxi Dispatch
Software As a Service

With Cabstartup’s automated dispatch tool, connect your fleet with millions of customers around the globe.

Increase Visibility to Customer

Easy & Convenient Booking System

Increase online visibility and be found by your ideal customers. Offering customers the possibility to book a taxi in just a few clicks with our passenger app means staying competitive and attractive for progressive population.

Quick & Efficient Journey Tracking

Rides get dispatched automatically to the closest driver without delay. Customers can track their rides in real time and quickly communicate with drivers in case there is any delay in pickup. Journey tracking also gives actual estimation as well.

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Real Time Tracking

It is Autocab Dispatch System with Real Time Tracking. Cab Startup offers you the most comprehensive solution and fulfills all your needs to help you provide the best service to your customers and capture the market through every medium.

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Auto Dispatch Framework

The highlights presented in our admin dashboard is the added feature of having passenger and driver status managed in a very smooth way, keeping a track of completed or cancelled rides, along with knowing whether it was the driver or passenger who cancelled it.

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Autocab booking system

GPS tracker in driver application finds the adept route for passenger’s destination for simple and efficient travel.Google Map in the dispatch framework serves to find drivers and passenger’s area accurately.Cab Startup dispatch framework spares taxi organizations labor and time spent over dispatch process.

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Manage Orders With Dashboard

Dispatchers can bring phone booking with our proficient booking framework. Saves recently visited locations of interest for quick selection.Oversee booking record and ride duration history effortlessly.

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You can take advantage of our discount package that is starting as low as 2% + 12¢ per trip

Our Secure Admin Panel

Cab Startup provides excellent software for taxi management of companies. Due to this reason, security is extremely important, which is a top priority when it comes to taxi service of Cab Startup.

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Customized Mobile Apps

Applications made for the passengers and drivers requires minimum taps to book a ride. Both the passenger and driver apps offer the best features to its users.

Security and reliability element allows drivers and passenger’s application to maintain a record of rides in their respective accounts.

Taxi organizations can target their market with customized applications.

Get payment done through cash or card, along with enabling discounts with promo offerings for the passengers.

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Pay Per Trip Comission Percentage Per Trip

2% 12¢ Per Trip

  • 600 rides or more per month = 2% + 12¢
  • 240 or less than 600 rides per month = 3% + 15¢
  • 240 rides or less per month = 4% + 18¢

Pay Per Driver Cost Per Driver Per Month

$8 Per Driver

  • 100 drivers or more per month = $8
  • 50 or less than 100 drivers per month = $10
  • 10 or less than 50 drivers per month=$12
  • Less than 10 or per driver per month = $14

Fix Cost Per Month Fixed Cost Per Month

$49 Per Month

  • 1-5 drivers = $49
  • 6-12 drivers = $99
  • 13-25 drivers = $199
  • 26-50 drivers = $375
  • 51-100 drivers = $499

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Make your Customer Service Better

  • Real Time Booking
  • Ride Tracking
  • Route Optimization
  • Dispatch Software
  • Manage History
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Why Choose Cabstartup?

Our solution focuses on time optimisation by dispatching rides to the closest driver without delay.

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Multiple Payment Options

Our Solution comes up with Brain tree payment gateway that is subsidiary of paypal. Talk to sales if you want to integrate any other gateway.

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Passenger can directly call

Passenger can directly call driver to coordinate if there is any delay in pickup.

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Secure API

Our solution have secure API for passenger and driver communication, its fully documented along with securityprotocols.

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Deploy On Any Server

Although You can deploy our web backend panel on any web server but we recommend Amazon web services.

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Administration Panel

You can manage apps, trips, users, payments easily from a centralized admin panel.

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Real Time Booking

Our solution provide Real time taxi booking, eliminating traditional ways of taxi booking via dial call center.

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Strong Backend

Cab Startup solution comes with a strong backend enriched with analytics and reports.

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Best Native UX

We designed our app based on taxi hailing experience from smartphones